“Therapy isn’t curing somebody of something;
it is a means of helping a person explore himself, his life, his consciousness.
My purpose as a therapist is to find out what it means to be human.” – Rollo May

Welcome to Psichoterapijos Namai!

If you have found this webpage, I imagine you are probably looking for answers that would help you make sense of your current or past experiences.

Often, the decision to seek therapy or counselling is determined by significant life events: loss, separation, personal, work, and relationship crises. These experiences cause anxiety, depression, tension, confusion, lack of self-confidence. You may end up feeling “stuck”, unable to choose and move forward. Sometimes you may feel you are repeating the same mistakes, similar behavioural and relationship patterns. Such difficulties raise new questions about yourself, your values and meaning.

You may also be coming to therapy out of curiosity or desire to know your inner world, establish goals or to feel supported, not only by the circle of family and friends at a certain difficult life stage.

Whether it feels overwhelmingly big or small all reasons and causes deserve your attention and time.

Despite however new you are to the idea of therapy I hope that this site can prove useful so you can apply the information to yourself or even become intrigued and encouraged to try counselling.